About Sar Castillo

Citizen of Heaven. Homeschooling Dad of 3. Passionate Husband of 1. Social Entrepreneur. Student of Life. Globally Aware Filipino. Energetic HR/OD Consultant. Armchair Sports Analyst. Basketball Writer/Fan/Analytics Geek. Personality Styles Practitioner. Don’t Try To Lie To Me, I’ll Know! I Can Also Thank You in 8 languages, including 4 different English Accents.

I’m really just a simple guy who loves his family. I couldn’t ask for a better life than the one I’m living and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for my future. I’ve always strongly believed that we “do not belong” to this world and we are merely “in the world but not of it”. Thanks for visiting and God Bless:)

P.S. Check out my unfiltered stream.

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