Heckling Will ALWAYS Be a Part of Sports

Raise your hand if you’ve NEVER heckled the opposing team (or its Fans) when watching YOUR team play against ANY team in Basketball? I ALWAYS heckle the other fans AND opposing team (coaches, players & managers). I also ALWAYS get heckled when playing and watching as a fan in ANY league, be it intrams, inter-barangay, corporate leagues, etc. Fans heckle players and players heckle fans (by constantly ignoring Fans’ words and draining jumpers like nobody’s in front of them AND using elaborate “After a Made Shot” Celebration)

Honestly, I’ve been in heckling wars with fans who happen to sit near us when watching UAAP live back in the day! Whether it’s the spirited fan who yells invectives at me AND my team’s players, coaches and management OR the other way around. Heck, go back to the Crispa vs. Toyota days of old, or the Boston vs. LA from then till now and fans STILL heckle each other. Bill Simmons, a die-hard Bostonian and Lakers Hater, ALWAYS tries to stick it to the Lakers whenever he can. It’s part of the territory when it comes to Fanatics. (Where do you think the word FAN comes from?)