Let’s Collaborate To Choose Better Leaders in the Philippines

We know that the “party system” in our country is broken. Elections have become a popularity contest with the ones with the most cash and influence to throw around during the campaign having their way. The faces change, but the names ring familiar as always.

Now, is there anything we concerned citizens can do to begin making elections, starting with 2013, based on issues and not personalities? Can you suggest any set of actions or ideas that can lead to actions that we can take collectively to ensure we get the leaders we deserve?

We don’t have forever and we certainly cannot wait any longer to bring about the kind of change our citizens need. Before we know it, our children will be old enough to ask us what we did to make our country better. (some of you may even have children that have asked you that already)

Simply doing what we’ve been doing in the past 15-20 years clearly isn’t working. We need to make something happen. Enough talk, more action. We need to get involved and apply ourselves to the task of choosing better leaders.

Any suggestions on actions we can do collectively that can begin to make a difference? Let me know of any ideas you may have in the comments.

You Win Some, You Lose Some: How the Archers and Eagles May Have Done Both

I’m writing from a pretty unique perspective. See, I graduated High School from The Ateneo. And I also graduated from University at DLSU Taft. I hate it that only one team can win the game, especially since I fully understand how it feels to need to beat the other team. I know only a handful of people who can even relate to this. (Those who’ve learned from both school systems)

When I was in the Ateneo, I wanted nothing else but to beat DLSU. When I was in DLSU, it wasn’t easy being an Atenean. I got into trouble a lot of times during my first 2-3 years (I was picked on and fought back many times) when I literally considered myself an Atenean simply learning more about DLSU. Keeping friends close and enemies closer, like Sun Tzu commanded. And it wasn’t till I fully understood what it meant to be truly LaSallian in 1997 (I was invited to be a Freshman Orientor) that I saw a similar passion for excellence. I began to feel how my fellow LaSallians did when facing Ateneo— we needed to beat them.

That being said, it was a great game by both DLSU and Ateneo! Is it even possible that both teams actually won and lost in one game? Too bad they played each other too soon. A finals classic ala 2001 would have been amazing. I see Ateneo winning #5 this year. What comes after this year is what we have to see. Ateneo won because Ravena would not let them lose. The Guy has heart, I give him that. Not as much heart as Dino Aldeguer taking and making that 3 point shot in 1999 against UST. But enough to win me over as more than a casual fan of his game.

That’s how Ateneo won.

Enjoy it while it’s there though, as there has never been a team that dominated the UAAP for more than 5 years straight since the Final Four format was established in 1994. As quickly as you can win 5, you can easily find yourself out of it 5 years in a row. We know that.

Don’t think that DLSU and its fans don’t know that. They were on top from 1998-2001 and again in 2007. And have been out of it in the last 5 years.

Today, DLSU moved its timetable several notches forward with the stellar play of Rookies Jeron Teng and Thomas Torres. Next year, only 2 players move on and that will give the team time to build trust and learn about each other. They would also benefit from practicing the areas where they were weak. (TO Rate, FT shooting, Point Blank shots to name a few)

That’s how DLSU won.

So, how did both teams lose?

Well, Ateneo won’t be winning 10 seasons in a row. Let’s get over ourselves. Even with MVP still there. (But he isn’t) The next 5 years will be crucial in seeing where the Basketball program will be headed. No one expects losing seasons. I’m sure Ateneo didn’t expect to lose from 1989 and the next 14 years after.

I Want More Tuyo, Kamatis and Itlog with Rice, Please

I have to admit, I have a new found appreciation and love for the simple things in life. You have to if you have nothing else. See, some of my clients’ delayed payments and postponed schedules have made quite a dent in my business’s cash flow. Almost 4 months worth of dents. So we’ve had to “tighten the belt”, both literally and figuratively, as we learn how to live with less than we have come to expect for the past several months. We are now stripped down to the bare essentials.

As an entrepreneur, nothing can be more daunting than the reality that the Electric and Water company don’t give a hoot about your cash flow “situation”. They will not hesitate to pull the plugs and put on the stops immediately. That’s part of the entrepreneurial challenge for startups like mine. And I love challenges, which explains why I’ve learned to not be “too high” or “too low” and keep a balanced demeanor when making decisions. This is not something you learn in a classroom folks. I have enough real life experience, not theories, to consider myself as having a Doctorate in Dealing With Challenging Situations.

You see many people speak of poverty from what they learn watching or being with other people before they play savior and swoop in to save the day. Few have actually lived through even “temporary poverty” where you are made to decide on choosing food for your family OR payment for the commute going to school for the kids. Pay the water bills or buy some milk.

And considering we’ve only “stripped down” in the last 2 months, so I know its nothing compared to those who may have lost hope and nothing to look forward to. I still feel blessed.