Thinking of 2016 (It’s NEVER too Early in the Philippines)

Project Nancy

I think “Project Nancy” was an effective dry-run for 2016. It seems like a savvy political strategy to gauge the strength of the Binay brand in every Region. The results are in and his team now knows exactly where they need to improve on a precinct level. The question is, will it pay off in a victory in 2016?

“Binay Poe”, at your service in 2016?

Do you really think Sen. Grace Poe can say “NO” to Erap, her late Dad’s best friend, who still actively campaigned for her even if she was “dropped” from UNA? What if she was “dropped” on purpose as part of a larger strategy to unwittingly become “nobody’s enemy”? If the Erap+Binay alliance holds, who’s to say we won’t see a “Binay-Poe” ticket in 2016?